Sarah Koss

Sarah Koss

Sarah Koss

     When I was a kid, the volume on my senses seemed to be turned up way too high. The world was too bright, too loud, and I always felt anxious and overwhelmed. I spent a lot of time playing out in the woods, which was the only place I felt relaxed and at peace. As I gew up, I was always searching for things that would help me relax, and spent a lot of time painting and meditating. Then came learning massage therapy, lots of energy therapies, shamanic journeying, and more types of meditation.

     With all of these practices, my world would open up for a short time and I would be at peace, but eventually I would start to feel anxious and angsty again. Then at some point I stumbled across the tools of Access, and something different occurred. As I used the tools, my brain started to relax, and my body started to relax. And unlike the other techniques I had tried, the more I worked with Access, the more relaxation and peace came into my world. Every area of my life started to shift and transform.

     Today, years later, I still feel like I have only scratched the surface of the magic and space that is available with the tools of Access Consciousness. There are always new energies and possibilities to explore with the tools. Is there something you would like to change? Or is your life not showing up the way you would like it to? Whatever you've got going on, there's probably an Access tool for that.

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