Shayna Fernando

Shayna Fernando

Shayna Fernando

In November 2015, I chose something, which on so many levels seemed too good to be true. But it lit me up like nothing else...and I followed that. Allowed my being to dance with it.
I had my Bars run, at a grief workshop. Having just lost my sister to suicide, I'd taken leave from my job as a high school teacher, spent some time in hospital, and I was asking what else was possible? I asked what it would take to be happy again. 

A space - that I'd never felt before. 
Grateful, beyond grieving. 

I became a Bars Facilitator, and then a Certified Facilitator in December 2017 - being me, receiving me, gently shaking the world. 
For the first time in life times, I was choosing for me. I resigned from my job as a teacher and became an artist. Doing what I love every day. Smiling with all of my teeth. 

What would it be like for you to receive you in the way we receive you?

What if you were to truly allow yourself - all that you be? Beyond right and wrong, good and bad, happy or sad. The bumps and imperfections. The occasional steps backward and monumental leaps forward. The amazing days, when creation flows. The awful days. Anything goes. All of it. 

I adore you X

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“No one is you, and that is your power.”

- Dave Grohl