Dr. Sonal Keswani

Sonal Keswani

Dr. Sonal Keswani

Anyone and everyone that ever met me knew I was going to grow up to be a Doctor. I brought home (much to my mum's annoyance) injured people, pigeons, puppies, sparrows, turtles, rabbits, chicks and well anything and anyone I knew I could fix. I was always a healer. Becoming a doctor was what I thought, the way to change and heal the world. However, by the time I got to the third year of medical school I realized the allopathic system was not even close to what I knew was possible with people and their bodies. The limiting structure of the system, the symptomatic approach to disease, the destruction of bodies and the invasiveness of it all was suffocating and definitely didn't seem like a very effective first approach to overall well being. As I went on to finish med school a journey to the search for something greater had simultaneously begun.

After going through countless metaphysical trainings and modalities I came across the tools of Access Consciousness®. Something about it was different compared to everything I’d done so far. Super stoked I came back to college and did a session on a friend. When the 2 year old painful lesions on her legs disappeared in a week I was totally blown away. This for me was first hand experience of how our thoughts create and impact not just our emotional reality but also physical. I'd found energy work that could give tangible results and at a speed that nothing else had so far.  This for me was groundbreaking.

Even though what drove me to this system was the change that I saw with bodies it became very evident to me very quick that these tools could be used to change any area of your life. There is a simplicity and effectiveness to them which frankly amazes me every day.


Dr. Sonal Keswani is an MBBS doctor and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. She facilitates workshops and sessions globally to help change diseases and mental issues. She especially enjoys working with children with special needs and animals.


Here's some of the things people are saying about her sessions:

 "Sonal is a highly aware, potent, Phantasmic being. She introduced me to Access Consciousness and in doing so changed my life. She has this amazing capacity to create dynamic space for the receiver's true being to emerge. Her magic evokes possibility and consciousness to expand if you choose it. She is gifted in unsticking someone from their fixed ways with her lack of judgement and has incredible awareness with ENTITIES. Sonal brings the hurricane of change wherever she goes and I am grateful for all that she has done for me. I am blessed to have been touched by your grace. This feeling of gratitude i have towards you is beyond words Sonal." -AN

"Sonal is motivated, her spark will make you want to choose more for you, one of the most kindhearted yet frank and upfront woman I've met till date! And I am grateful for her beyond words can express!! She'll bring the storm of change with all the love and potency. Plus she's a magician and will always leave you wanting more!!" - Dr. SN

"When I heard about access consciousness I had a puzzled look on my face. But I'd heard many amazing benefits so I wanted to know what it's like. I approached Sonal who is an Access Facilitator based out of Pune. She has a very vibrant and strong personality. She is very warm and will make you feel comfortable instantly. Her therapy is designed to help you reach your full potential by erasing non productive thoughts and emotions. As she once told me "most of the judgements we have formed about ourselves are hardly ever ours". Think about it and it makes complete sense. The therapy helped me get rid of any guilt or negative judgement I had about myself. It helped me see things from a fresh perspectove by erasing any self-limiting beliefs. It helped me be more conscious and aware of my thoughts and helped me reprogram the way i think." - PD

" Thanks a ton for your SOP session. It opened up so many possibilities! After the session I went to the new warrior training adventure weekend. It was completely life transforming for me and I got free of my FIBROMYALGIA. "- MB

" I did my first access bars class with Sonal and she is incredible. I see a lottt of change in me and I am not what I used to be a year ago. Thank you so much Sonal for being the gift that you are."- RG

"Access Consciousness just happened to me...That day I can never forget ..when I wasn't sure if I should opt for the Bars Class but then something just pulled me towards it ...Sonal is an amazing facilitator ...she makes the concept of Bars and the whole Access Consciousness thing so easy that you develop the confidence of doing it on your own....Thank you so much Sonal for that enriched experience I had discovering my potential in it's true essence. Bars is just amazing... it's like being introduced to your own self at a deeper level." - Dr.AS

"I did my first Access Bars class with Dr. Sonal. She knew what she was talking about. Made me feel totally at ease. Went through the workshop very calmly and passionately. When I could not get it at first she patiently explained and guided me for locating the points. Very Encouraging. I feel a gradual shift looking at and experiencing life now. She is really good at what she does. I wish you a life of ease, comfort and phenomenal joy and glory."- PB

" My session with Sonal was something I have never experienced before! Her awareness is like laser. Goes exactly where it's required and BOOM! The space she operates from is so pure, non judgemental that you cannot but be who you truly be with her. The release I experienced is phenomenal. If you're asking for change, Sonal is the one to go to! At the end of the session my entire body was buzzing and i loved that feeling of total space and peace. What an experience Sonal...big love to you!" - AC

" Running my bars was intoxicating to say the least, I felt like Dr. Strange with electricity flowing through my entire body. And while I was receiving, my entire business apparently was in jeopardy. We host and manage about 20 servers from our partner company and they tried to take it away from us, but instead of that happening we somehow managed to strike a deal where all those servers came into our complete control and we took over that revenue stream. So, in conclusion my very small salary as of today- Doubled all while simply relaxing and receiving bars. And everything feels different. Thank you" - ME

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