Theresa Finnigan

Theresa Finnigan

Theresa Finnigan

Hello beautiful you!

Thank you for adding your phenomenal energy to my profile page.

Access Consciousness fits beautifully into my Holistic Therapy practice in the North East of England

I currently facilitate Access Bars and Access Energetic Facelift Classes as well as teaching Reiki & Seichem. 

Since coming accross Access Consciousness I have been on the most amazing rollercoaster ride and I am in no hurry to get off! What else is possible?

My life and body have changed beyond all recognition. I have so much ease, peace and a greater sense of being than I ever dreamed possible. 

It was not always like this however..... 

For the majority of my life I was all things to all people.

A daughter, sister, wife, mother, employee, employer etc etc. I was contstantly striving to 'fit' into other peoples realities so that i could assist, heal or fix them with no idea of who I truly was.

I worked and studied hard to achieve the job of my dreams as a manager in private health care supporting adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues. Married with 4 children and a lovely house I should have been happy and content and yet I was desperately unhappy.

So, I resigned from my job, it was time to break out of the box of limitations that myself and others had imposed upon me I decided to study Holistic Therapies and Reiki. One of the things I had always been aware of was that I had an intuitive capacity and ability to listen to and communicate with bodies. Empowering people and watching them soar had always been a source of great joy for me. So, after completing my Reiki Master Teacher training I opened up my own Holistic Therapy practice

Life began to be fun and I was surrounded with love, laughter & happiness. However, I knew that there had to be more to life, that I had a purpose and that much of who I truly be still lay buried. I would often muse what would it take to step into being all of me and to shed the vestiges of my past?

I came accross Access Consciousness® when a client told me about a treatment they had received called Access Bars® and I was intrigued. When I looked at the Access website the more I read the more my body lit up. I just knew that I had to do the training no matter what it took and I booked onto the first practitioner class in my area. 

Access Bars® was everything I had hoped for and so much more. I had a clarity and peace in my head which had never exisited. My body felt alive and I was aware of a communion with it that had been unacknowledged for many years. I knew that more was possible and all I had to do was ask questions and follow my knowing. 

Since that first class every area in my life has changed beyond all recognition and each Access class I participate in opens the door to more possibilities and exponential change. How does it get any better than that?

I use the tools of Access daily as I continue to discover more of who I truly be. As my levels of awareness and allowance increase, the judgements of me and my body decrease. My body has undergone huge change and my health has improved beyond anything medical experts considered possible.

If you wish you can read more about that here:

After spending years trapped in a sadness and self doubt each day is now truly a gift. It is amazing to wake with with an exuberance for life and a knowing that the passion I have for living is expressed throughout my personal and professional life. 

I adore creating magic with bodies, opening the door to possibilities & sewing seeds of consciousness.

Are you ready to step into being all of who you truly be?

Look forward to meeting you and your beautiful body one day. 

Ease, joy and glory my friend xxx

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