Vanessa Dodds

Vanessa Dodds

Vanessa Dodds

Half Californian, half Brazilian, Vanessa has always embraced the duality of the human experience, but never quite "fit in".

A Conscious Chef, with a background in Culinary Arts and Nutrition, Vanessa began her healing journey after surviving a life altering car accident in 2016. It became clear that her path needed to change and she sought out healing modalities in order to cope with PTSD, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional trauma.  Vanessa turned to Yoga, becoming a registered instructor in 2018. Further drawn to the energetics of bodies, she deepened her knowledge through fascia training, making the connection between psychosomatic and percieved physical symptoms. A lover of the natural world and animals, she found great comfort in the energy of Reiki.

Even with all the personal healing she had done, Vanessa still felt that something was missing. Then she found and was instantly drawn to the Access Bars®. After just one session, the energy began shifting and it was as if she could no longer fit into the mold of who she was supposed to be and could simply be. She found freedom and ease by using the Access Consciousness® tools to create the life that she loves. Vanessa enjoys exchanging knowledge in a light-hearted way.

How much joy could you be if you were willing to enjoy your body without any judgment? 


Instagram: @vanessa_ _dodds

Certified Access Bars® Facilitator

Access Bars® Practitioner

Access Energetic Facelift® Practitioner

Access Body Processes® Practitioner

Reiki Master

Body Work/ Fascia Therapist

Yoga Instructor

Conscious Chef

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“Our own bodies can be our greatest teachers if we have the patience to listen and the courage to face what we find on the journey.”

- Vanessa Dodds