Access Certified Facilitator Bootcamp

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Access Certified Facilitator Bootcamp

Ready to dive deep into creating the basics & beyond what you will need to run your Certified Facilitator Business?





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Duration:  3 Phases & 17 Sessions! Plus! Bonus Interview with Simone Milasas & Gary Douglas 

Facilitators: Just a snippet of some of the amazing facilitators/special guests who contributed to CF Bootcamp!

Megan Hill, Lauren Marie, Rebecca Hulse, Pam Houghteling, Simone Milasas, Jonas Svensson, Katarina Wallentin, Lisen Bengtsson, Diva Diaz, Emily Russell, Stephanie Richardson, Justine McKell, Marnie Barranco, Connor Hill, Delany Delany, Steven & Chutisa Bowman, Brendon Watt & Suzy Godsey

Format:  MP3, MP4 & PDF Digital Downloads

Pre-Requisite:  Be an active Access Certified Facilitator

What is Access Certified Facilitator Bootcamp?

Phase 1:  Creating the Foundation of Your Business

In this dynamic 6-part series created especially for Certified Facilitators, you get the "how to" video guidance to create everything you need to start your business. From email systems and taking payments, to telecall systems and landing pages ... it's the phase that will leave you with "no more excuses" to creating your business now. 

Phase 2:  Getting You and Your Business Out There

Now that you have everything set up ... how do you get out there? How do you attract clients? How do you create the marketing material? How do you use it all to create classes? What tips do some of the most successful facilitators have for you? This 5-part phase will truly empower you to start creating! 

Phase 3:  Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Every single video in this 6-part series will change your entire life ... and your business. Featuring  mind blowing conversations that give you the tools and the inspiration to create your facilitator business as a global business generating huge amounts of revenue, instead of just a part time hobby. PLUS a bonus interview with Gary Douglas & Simone Milasas!  Is now the time? 

What capacity are you, and what random particulates of change,
possibilities and consciousness are you that you have not yet acknowledged?

-Simone Milasas on Putting the JOY back into your CF Business! 

Are you ready to dive in?

You are fired from being pathetic!+++
  • Fake it till you make-it. Jump In!
  • Figure it out…or not. Everything will be fine either way!
  • When you get comfortable, take the next leap!
  • Constantly outcreate yourself.
  • Build the muscle.
  • Do something uncomfortable everyday.
  • What’s going to make me uncomfortable and do it!
--Brendon Watt on Going Beyond Comfort!
+++ +++

Class Deliverables Include:

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  • MP4 Digital Downloads
  • PDF Digital Download (where applicable)

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