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9 Trannies Jul-15 Copenhagen

By Gary M. Douglas , Dr. Dain Heer

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This 3-day class will unlock what is required for you to be and have everything you've been asking for.

It will invite you to the possibility of what you can choose and direct you in a way in which you might be able to find pieces and parts of you where the magic exists that you have not acknowledged. 

Prerequisite:  Choice of Possibilities

Class Deliverables Include:

  • Unlimited Video on Demand (VOD)
  • MP3 Digital Download

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What are the the 9 Trannies?

The 9 Trannies are the ways in which you can change anything. In order to have access the them, you have to be willing to be the totality of you. Here's more on each one...

Transformation - the ability to change anything from what it is into something different
Transmigration - the ability to move from one location to another, without car, plane train or bus - migrating across space (not time).
Transfiguration - the ability to morph something from what it appears to be into something different
Trans-sexualness - the ability to change sexual energy of any moment or anything at will
Transpiration - the ability to change something that is going to transpire in the future and change it into something that doesn't have to be, so something else can occur
Transmutation - the ability to change something from what it currently is into something you would like it to be, which would be a mutation from what it is into something greater
Translocation - the ability to move something from one location to another
Transliteration - ability to talk in any language and understand all languages
Transmogrification - the ability to shift what you look like into something different. Shape shifting - like you could change yourself from being a man to a woman

Are you ready to BE all that you are? Then this class may be for you!

Duration:  3 days

Facilitator:  Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer


Unlimited Video on Demand (VOD)
  • MP3 Digital Downloads

Gary Douglas pioneered a set of transformational life changing tools and processes known as Access Consciousness® over 30 years ago. These tools that are on the creative edge of consciousness have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world. His work has spread to more than 170 countries, with over 5,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Simple and so effective, the tools facilitate people of all ages and backgrounds to help remove limitations holding them back from the freedom to live and create a life they truly desire.

Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. For over 20 years now, Dain has been co-creating Access Consciousness and inviting people worldwide to embrace their true greatness — people from every culture, country, age and social strata of society. Originally trained as a chiropractor, he has a completely different approach to energetic change and healing by facilitating people to tap into and recognize their own capacities, potency and knowing.