No Judgment Diet A Course in Possibilities

By Katherine McIntosh

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Welcome to The No Judgment Diet - A Course in Possibilities!

A 90 Day online interactive course to get you to expand the way you create, live, and commune with and for your body. Includes 6 live facilitated group Sessions.

What if your body was a source and catalyst for creating the future you know is possible?

Duration:  90-day online interactive course 

Facilitator:  Katherine McIntosh

Format:  Digital Downloads & Video Modules

Pre-Requisite:  None

What is The No Judgment Diet?

This 90 Day Course is designed to unwind the unconscious blocks not only with your body, but also with your business, money flows, health, energy, relationships, and every other area of your life.

You cannot have judgment and awareness existing simultaneously.

So anyone who is doing judgment of themselves cannot have an awareness of their business, body, relationships, money, different possibilities and so much more. When you get that judgment does not create more for your life, you will begin to make different choices. When you make different choices, universes of possibilities open up.

What if you:

  • Had a sense of communion with your body?

  • Could be the embodiment of possibilities?

  • Never judged you, your body, your relationships, your money, or your choices ever again?

  • Knew what foods gave you and your body a sense of peace?

  • Could trust you and your body?

  • Knew your body was your greatest source and catalyst for creating your future?

  • Knew what your body desired and required?

  • Could move your body with ease?

  • No longer struggled with your body weight, and self-esteem ever again?

The No Judgment Diet isn’t about diets, it’s about letting go of judgment in every area of your life. This isn’t just about your body and its perceived limitations, this is about the brilliance of embodiment, communing with everything in the universe, and knowing that you can truly create the body, business, and life of your dreams.

From better parenting to better health, weight loss, people exercising, moving their bodies and being free of pain for the first time in decades. This is about finding what works for you and your body to empower you to trust your knowing and have more confidence in every area of your life.

If you would like to join a movement that is empowering people and their bodies you are in the right place.

If you are ready to discover your body’s unique blueprint and eliminate second guessing you, your body, your choices, your relationships and your life ever again.….and stop the emotional dieting and weight yo-yo roller-coaster this course will teach you exactly how to develop a totally different relationship with you, your life, and your living.

--Katherine McIntosh

Is it time you let the magic in?

I didn't really look in the mirror, especially not at my body, and if I did it was all yuck and judgment and shame. The No Judgment Diet has given me freedom, freedom from shame, condemnation, others people's opinions about bodies, and a gratitude for my body and all that it has carried me through!
Class Deliverables Include:
  • 6 Modules of HD Video Training
  • 5 Video Lessons in Each Module
  • Each Video is short & digestible
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios of each video lesson
  • Downloadable PDF's with Practice Tools for each lesson
  • Clearing Loops to unwind the unconscious patterning that keeps you stuck
  • Action guides with Tools, Questions and Clearings
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Quick and Helpful Email Support
  • Bonus: 90 Minute Class Filmed in front of a Live Studio Audience
  • Bonus: 50 Plus Page E-Book - 10 Ways to Change Anything with Your Body Now!
  • Bonus: Audio Version of the E-Book
  • Bonus: 6 Live Coaching Calls…. Receive live facilitation
  • Bonus: 6 Clearing Loops from each call is included

Delivery Information:

Product will be fulfilled by "The No Judgment Diet" team.  If you have any questions after your purchase or require assistance, please email:

About the Founder of the No Judgment Diet

Katherine McIntosh is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, mom, and catalyst for a new reality.  Katherine built a Global International Business using the tools of Access Consciousness and is ​inspiring thousands of people all over the world to create the life they love. Katherine is the founder of The No Judgment Diet and is on a mission to help people wake up to the magic that’s inside of them so they can truly start living the life of their dreams.  Her mission is to see 10 Million Bodies out of Judgment and Wrongness so they can begin to Create, Play, and Inspire Possibilities.