The Place

By Gary M. Douglas

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Welcome to The Place!

What you have been seeking that you always knew was possible

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What is The Place?

As Jake Rayne travels through Idaho in his classic 57 Thunderbird, a devastating accident is the catalyst for a journey he is not expecting. Alone in the deep forest, with his body battered and broken, Jake calls out for help.  The help that finds him changes not only his life but his whole reality.  Jake is opened up to the awareness of possibilities; possibilities that we have always known should be but have not yet shown up.

"Jake, what you believe is what stops what you can perceive and know. Your beliefs are what you chose in order to understand the world as everyone saw it and told you it was. Here we function without beliefs, but from total awareness, so we don’t have to believe that we can doubt in order to believe in that what isn’t actually true must be true.”



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"She sets the tray down on the bed, and as I begin to eat I experience a sense that time and space are changing, and that after this conversation and meal, everything that I have believed will have disappeared."

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In this book you may find out what you have always been looking for, and how and where it may exist.

Meer dan 30 jaar geleden heeft Gary Douglas een serie transformerende, levensveranderende tools en processen ontwikkeld, die bekend staan als Access Consciousness. Deze tools, die in de creatieve voorhoede van bewustzijn zijn (bij.. horen?), hebben de levens veranderd van tienduizenden mensen van over de hele wereld. Zijn werk is inmiddels bekend in meer dan 170 landen, met wereldwijd ruim 5000 getrainde facilitators. De tools zijn simpel en zo effectief, dat ze mensen van alle leeftijden en achtergronden faciliteren om hun beperkingen te verhelpen, die hen afhouden van de vrijheid om te leven en een leven te creëren dat ze echt heel graag willen hebben en waarnaar ze verlangen.

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