Lies of Money

By Dr. Lisa Cooney

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Welcome to Lies of Money: Who are You Being by Dr. Lisa Cooney!

You can have the living you desire. You can create the money, cash, currencies, investments, and vacations you like.

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What is the Lies of Money: Who are You Being?

This book is dedicated to all of you out there struggling with money. To all of you feeling like the debt or financial worry you are in is a big black hole that you will never climb out of or get beyond.  

Choose You!

Commit to You!


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I did it. I finally made it to a LIVE Dr. Lisa Cooney class called the Lies of Money. But the funny thing is, it wasn't really about Money, so much as it was about all the limitations we hoard in our bodies that keep us from moving forward, creating our lives, and receiving. 

I am an energy critic when it comes to facilitators and their skill with commanding a class, connecting with their audience and creating actual change. Basically, I'm asking... How good ARE You?

The performance I saw and experienced last night with Dr. Lisa Cooney was worth a standing ovation. I have never seen or heard that level of expertise, ease, and contribution in the way that she BEs.

It is almost indescribable, but the one thing I can tell you is that if you're asking for change and you really desire it, Dr. Lisa Cooney can take you there in a magical, kind, humorous, and potent way that is like nothing else you will have ever experienced.

 Thank YOU, Dr. Lisa for YOU.

–Amy, Owner Cedar Haven Stables, Cedar Hill, TX
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Dr. Lisa Cooney is a leading authority on thriving after childhood sexual abuse. In her commitment to ridding the planet of abuse, she is revolutionizing a new approach to trauma through pragmatic tools that create quantum change. Her classes, the Lies Of Money and The ROAR Method are both modeled after her personal leap from the invisible cage of abuse.  She is dedicated to assisting others become aware of their true choice, power and freedom beyond the limitation of implanted beliefs buried under layers of abuse in all forms.   

Dr. Lisa travels the globe teaching and facilitating hundreds of people to discover and uncover a lighter, more expansive version of themselves – with more fun, play and ease. She’s found that success, money, health, and loving relationships naturally flow to you when you free yourself from the trauma of the past and open yourself up to a whole new way of creating your life and living.