Unhiding Your Difference Neon Sheep Special Oct-20 Istanbul

By Emily Russell

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Welcome to Unhiding Your Difference - Neon Sheep Special with Emily Evans Russell

and Special Neon Sheep Guests: Katarina Wallentin, Megan Hill and Sarah Grandinetti

Have you ever considered that your difference is a gift to the world? And to all of us? Would you be willing to unhide the beauty of you, the difference of you, and discover how much more is possible in your life and creations because of it?


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Duration:  Evening Class 

Facilitator:  Emily Evans Russell with Special Neon Sheep Guests: Katarina Wallentin, Megan Hill and Sarah Grandinetti

Format:  Video on Demand + MP3 Download

Pre-Requisite:  None

What is Unhiding Your Difference - Neon Sheep Special?

These 4 ladies consider themselves lucky and grateful to be constantly discovering and unhiding more and more of the neon sheep they truly are while being a part of Dr. Dain Heer's creative gaggle.

You're invited to join Emily Russell, Katarina Wallentin, Megan Hill & Sarah Grandinetti for a special Neon Sheep evening event - online or live in Istanbul, Turkey!

Are you ready to grace the world with your difference? (or subject the world to it?) Either way - let’s jump the fence together!

Unhiding ... Where have you not acknowledged the beauty of the difference of you?

–Emily Evans Russell

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When you unhide what is different about you and discover that difference, what can show up in your life?
–Emily Evans Russell


What people are saying...

So I finally heard the Unhiding class today! Oh my god!!!! The energy of it and the conversations - Thank you! For the last couple of years I have been waking up as if I have giant gorilla sitting on my head and it used to take me a lot of time to shake that thing off ... and today as I was listening to the class and with the ‘what if your wrongness is a strongness’ conversation, things kept getting intense until someone in class said ‘turn it up’! And whoosh ... the giant gorilla vanished. And that was just one of the many gifts and shifts I received from the class.
Thank you!

–Shivam S., Class Participant

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  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
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  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

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Emily Russell is a Certified Facilitator and the Worldwide Kitten Herder for Access Consciousness®. She finds talking with people about the tools that they have used to change and empower themselves some of the most relevant and engaging conversations out there! What else is possible for all of us who have known something else is possible, but haven’t (until now) known how to get there?