Addiction & Gaslighting, a Match Made in Hell Sep-22 Teleseries

By Marilyn Bradford

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Welcome to Addiction & Gaslighting, a Match Made in Hell with Marilyn Bradford! 

What to know, how to turn the tables, and clearing the issues once and for all.

Is this the change you have been asking for?

Translated versions available. See details below!

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Duration:  3-part video call series

Facilitator:  Marilyn Bradford

Format:  MP4* + MP3 + PDF Download 

*MP4 video file available in English only.

Pre-Requisite:  None

Includes Clearings: Includes Clearings: Audio and written clearings (English & translations) will be available within 2-3 weeks after class.


What is Addiction & Gaslighting, a Match Made in Hell?

What to know, how to turn the tables, and clearing the issues once and for all.

Is this the change you have been asking for?

If you take nothing personally, you have complete freedom.

–Marilyn Bradford

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It’s not that gaslighting becomes an addiction, but it serves the function of the construct that someone or something is always going to be greater than you and that you need them and need the addictive behavior to fill you up.
–Marilyn Bradford
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Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW, is an international speaker, psychotherapist and teacher who has worked in the field of addiction for over twenty years. She is the creator of Right Recovery For You, a radical and unique approach to ending any addictive or compulsive behavior. It was her own addictions to alcohol, food and the wrongness of self, and her unwillingness to accept addiction as a life sentence, that led her to creating this transformative and very different program.

Growing up in an academic family that stressed the supreme value of logic and the scientific method, Marilyn knew from an early age that she was not going to fit well in this world.  She was a square peg in a round hole. What others took for granted seemed insane to her.  This was the beginning of the sense of fundamental wrongness of self that eventually led to escape through food, alcohol and adapting to other people’s realities.

At the time, there didn’t seem to be any other alternatives.  Some instances of abuse added to the desire to escape.  After years of addiction, Marilyn entered a traditional treatment program.  While it was helpful in quitting alcohol, the emphasis on powerless, wrongness, and the label of alcoholic became unacceptable to her.  She knew somehow that she and others she met in the program had creative and generative capacities that were being denied and damaged by the prevailing belief systems concerning addiction.  

While searching for alternatives, she was introduced to Access Consciousness®.  Here she found pragmatic tools and techniques that she could use to empower herself  and others to move beyond the limiting belief systems that prevail,.  Seeing the vast improvement in her psychotherapy/addiction clients that came fro using these tools, she approached Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, and together they founded Right Recovery For You.

Now she travels the world offering others a chance for true freedom from addiction.