Engaging to Create Future Money Dec-22 Teleseries

By Gary M. Douglas & Guests

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Welcome to Engaging to Create Future Money with Gary M. Douglas, Arthur Wood, Shon Van Orden and Alison Cox!

How to develop your future business today!

Translated versions available. See details below!





MP4 + MP3 + PDF Download
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Duration:  3-part video teleseries

Facilitators: Gary M. Douglas, Arthur Wood, Shon Van Orden and Alison Cox

Format:  MP4* + MP3 + PDF Download 

*MP4 video file available in English only

Pre-Requisite:  Choice of Possibilities class


The purpose of money is not about what you can get from people. The purpose of money is to change people’s lives.

–Gary M. Douglas


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Your engagement today will create the money you’ll get in the future.

–Gary M. Douglas

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Class Deliverables Include:

  • MP4 Digital Download (available in English only)
  • MP3 Digital Download 
  • PDF Digital Download

Translated Languages:

Purchase the English version here and email shop@accessconsciousness.com with your purchase receipt or confirmation email to request the downloads in one of these languages: 

  • Hungarian
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Shop support will email the translated files to you.

Delivery Information:

Digital Downloads: Upon ordering the English version, a delivery email with download instructions will be sent to you so that you may download your files.  You will also be able to access your downloads from your Access account dashboard under My Account/Downloads.

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Gary Douglas pioneered a set of transformational life changing tools and processes known as Access Consciousness® over 30 years ago. These tools that are on the creative edge of consciousness have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world. His work has spread to more than 170 countries, with over 5,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Simple and so effective, the tools facilitate people of all ages and backgrounds to help remove limitations holding them back from the freedom to live and create a life they truly desire.

Shon Van Orden has been playing with the Access tools for the last 12 years, during which time he’s used them to completely reinvent his life and has become a dynamic facilitator in the process.

Alison Cox is an enthusiastic entrepeneur, gifted Access Conscoiusness® Certified Facilitator and Founder of myacousticlife.com and Alivio Massage Therapy, Inc in Denver, CO. She has been professionally working with people, entities, and animals for over 7 years!

Since finding and applying the tools of Access Consciousness®, Talk to the Entities®, and Conscious Horse Conscious Rider® her bodywork, communication skills, business, money flows, life, living and reality have all completely changed in amazing and dynamic ways! And if she can do it, so you can YOU!

Alison is now on an international mission to spread awareness of the beautiful world of conscousness, choice, and true happiness through classes, workshops and private sessions.