It's Your Life Are You Choosing It Nov-21 Telecall

By Simone Milasas

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Welcome to It's Your Life - Are You Choosing It? with Simone Milasas

Did you know YOU are the source of creating your life?

YOUR choice creates your future.

Stop looking for an answer.

Join Simone Milasas and maybe, just maybe you can start to live a different reality.

Translated versions available. See details below!

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MP3 + PDF Download
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Duration:  1-Part Telecall

Facilitator:  Simone Milasas

Format:  MP3 + PDF Download (Note: Please allow up to 1 week for audio and written clearings to become available)

Pre-Requisite:  None


What is It's Your Life - Are You Choosing It?

This is it! This is your life! Are you having fun?

Are you creating everything that you would like to create? If not, then what action could you take to change something to make it even greater?

What if you came out of judgment? It's your life - are you choosing it? What would you like it to be? Not based on anybody else – not based on a reference point of your family or your friends. This is your life - are you choosing it?

If you do not have everything you desire in life it’s because you haven’t chosen it.

–Simone Milasas

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You truly being in question and choosing creates your today and tomorrow.
–Simone Milasas
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Simone Milasas · It's Your Life Are You Choosing It?


Class Deliverables Include:

  • MP3 Digital Download 
  • PDF Digital Download

(Note: Please allow up to 1 week for audio and written clearings to become available)

Translated Languages:

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Simone is the Worldwide Business Coordinator of Access Consciousness®, an international speaker and author of Joy of Business, Getting Out of Debt Joyfully and Relationship Are You Sure You Want One? She is an acclaimed business and life mentor, and travels the world facilitating seminars with Access Consciousness. A lady who knows how to be a woman, Simone revels in the joy of future opportunity, and knows that the prospect of possibility resides in every choice you make. You can find Simone every week on her The Choice, Change & Action Podcast available on her website and iTunes.

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