Gina Charos

Gina Charos

Welcome to Access Consciousness

Have you been seeking change? Do you have a feeling that there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now? Is there a knowing in the deepest parts of your being that there could be more? But you're not sure where to begin? ....or how to?

What if you could change anything? What would it be?

What if it were as easy as asking and then receiving a life that is generative and could provide everything you’ve ever imagined and more? What if you simply could? What if you had all the magic right in front of you? What if you were the magic and the change you’ve been waiting for?

It all starts with you. You have the Midas touch.

You’ve always had it.
You can start by asking questions.
What else is possible? What would it take for more magic to show up in your life?

The Bars are a dynamic and potent set of tools that allows you to be more present in your life, unlocking limitations, allowing you to function from knowing and awareness.

So, what if by having your Bars run in a private session, more of you could show up in your life? A session would consist of a gentle hands on technique, mainly focusing on the head. There are 32 points on your head, that when lightly touched, helps dissipate the thoughts, feelings and emotions you may have in those areas of your life. So if you are feeling stuck, the charge dissipates and you experience an ease and peace. What if you had more choices, less stress? More awareness and less mind chatter? What if you could consciously create your life and be fully present, while having way too much fun and joy? What would you be willing to receive?

What if you could facilitate change within yourself, your family and everyone else around the world that is asking for more and willing to receive it, by learning the Bars and becoming a practitoner? What are the infinite possibilities?

Wow! This truly remarkable invitation is extended to you to explore possibilities and have fun at the same time. If you really want more to show up in your life with ease and joy, then please call or email me for further information.

Private Bars sessions available, as well as workshops to become a Bars Practitioner. Please contact me if you have any further queries, or if you're interested in taking a class that is not posted/scheduled.

Having your Bars run regularly has many benefits for your body and your being.
There is an energy and clarity we experience that allows us to create magic in our worlds. We look at things differently, with a knowing. We interact with the world, without engaging in the trauma and drama quite like we used to. With awareness. Which basically changes everything. Wow! Every time you have your Bars run, you are choosing more of you and Being more of who you truly Be.
How did we get so lucky?
So what will you choose?

Here is what some phenomenal beings have to say about the Bars:

Having my Bars run makes me more aware of the energy flow in my body. After a session I feel so much more energized and invigorated as it is amazing. It’s great to have the Bars swap sessions to gift and receive as well as gain experience at the same time. It’s also special spending time with like-minded beings and having fun in a safe learning environment. How does it get any better than that? Rosie

Having my Bars run regularly gives me clarity, energy and zest for living like nothing else. Having my bars run literally turns me on…… Rob

For me when I’m on the table, I drift off to a place of complete calm. Saying that doesn’t really do it justice. It is amazing to experience the feeling of clarity you get after a session. But what I guess is really the key for me is I just cannot function properly if I miss more than 2 weeks of having my Bars run. That’s when I realize the full potential of what these sessions do for my body, mind and spirit. Sandra

...and this this is what a special Being wanted to share with you after learning the Bars in a one day workshop...

Dearest Gina,

What can I say? This may possibly be the modality / technique that I have been searching for all my life!!
Learning the Bars on Sunday was a beautiful experience!
The technique is simple, easy and fluff free...and the best part about it is that it WORKS!!

It is incredible...The bliss I have experienced in the gifting...the freedom in allowing the makes my heart sing!!

The changes I have experienced in myself have been significant.
The curiosity in those around me is intriguing!! They want to have a bit of ""I'll have what she's having!!""

I have been enjoying the swap sessions immensely....I constantly look forward to the next opportunity to gift and receive!



About our regular Bars swaps:

What an amazing experience and group of beautiful beings at the bars swap last week! The energy was so welcoming and tranquil! The space created by Gina and the group was such an honouring of us. My body and I felt blissful and deeply appreciative of the tranquil, expansive and genuine loving energy I continued to sense and perceive even later that evening. How does it get any better than that? Nic xx

I am loving the Bars swap that I attend weekly with Gina and the group. It is always fun and I have gained so much clarity, peacefulness and calm with my tune up, that I feel I have more direction than before. I am clear minded and love spending time with like-minded people who genuinely love giving and sharing. Big thanks to Gina for being the generous being that she is, that allows us to have somewhere to gift and receive. Much appreciation and gratitude. Debbie xxx

Every Saturday I am offered an opportunity to participate willingly in changing my perception of myself and my life using Access Consciousness. Gina's group is life-changing, make no mistake. And these changes are made easily and effortlessly as I lie comfortably receiving energy and releasing old mind sets, negative beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve me. My body is effortlessly able to process and receive the changes I am choosing. All I can say is that it works, and I bless Gina for creating this space for me each week. Jane

In gratitude for you
Gina Charos

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