Tanya Bothams

Tanya Bothams

Are you always looking for something but not sure what it is?

Have you always known that something greater was possible?

That was me before I found Access Consciousness. I have what everyone would say is an easy life; beautiful home, successful business, gorgeous husband and son; but something seemed to be missing and I was never satisfied with my life and I was always looking for more.
I always thought that I was ungrateful and selfish, but what I was actually looking for was ME.

Who am I?

I am still finding that out, but Access Consciousness has given me easy, simple tools that have changed my life to something far greater than I could possibly imagine. I am finding more of who I am and be every day. Life is now like a Choose my own Adventure Novel.

Would you like something greater to show up in your life?
Contact me or one of the fantastic facilitators of Access Consciousness and start changing your life today.


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