On April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day and on this page you’ll find a few ways you can contribute to Earth now and on Earth Day! 

Earth Day! Special Edition of the Tour of Consciousness

What does the Earth know about you, personally, that if you allowed yourself to know it, would change everything?

What can the Earth gift you that you haven’t been willing to receive?


Find An Earth Day Event Near You

Gift and receive the “Restoration of Communion With Earth” body process with amazing facilitators from around the world!

Happy Bodies, Happy Earth!

Communion With Earth Body Process

This body process actually connects you and your body with the resonance with the earth, creating more space, more ease and more possibilities!

The “Restoration of Communion with Earth” body process is taught by Access Body Process facilitators around the world! Do you desire to learn this phenomenal process?


A Date With The Earth

We are so incredibly lucky to be living on this amazingly beautiful earth... 
Planets like this are hard to find! Yet we forget.

We forget that we walk on one of the greatest contributions to our lives, our bodies, and beings. What if every day you had a date with Earth? What could that change in your life? And what if that is all Earth really desires and requires? For us to start to receive?

A Meditation Walk

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, explains how to do a “Meditation Walk” with Earth. With this walk, you’ll experience a level of communion with Earth that nothing else can give you. Watch how Gary Douglas describes how to take 1 hour to walk just 150 feet/50 meters.

Be more present than you’ve ever been before – totally present with every plant, animal and molecule on this beautiful planet of ours.


Meie videotel on subtiitrid mitmetes keeltes. Vajuta seaded video all paremas nurgas, et need sisse lülitada ja valida keel.

The Earth Class

What if you are the difference this planet is asking for? What if what the earth requires of us is to finally let go of all limitations and instead embrace the magic, joy and possibilities we truly be?

You’re invited to join Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for this special 3-day event online replay of the “Earth Class”, recorded in Houston, TX, USA. Also available in Polish (Polski)! 


What Does The Planet Require Of You?

Join Simone Milasas and Marnie Barranco on “The Art & Industry of Business & Living” podcast! 

Come Play Online In Our Earth Group!

Would you like to join others who love living on this beautiful planet of ours?

Join us in the “This Is My Earth” Facebook group!

Moments of wonder with the earth

Energetic Synthesis Of Communion

This ESC was recorded live in Charleston, SC, USA in March 2019. Beautifully spacious and peaceful especially for this time of year!

Available in English and translated to Japanese (日本語), Mandarin (普通话), Portuguese (Português), and Spanish (Español)!


Products for more joy, ease and communion!

Gary M. Douglas, Tim & Tanya Bothams

Gary M. Douglas

Gary M. Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer

Dr. Dain Heer