Julie O Perkins

Julie Perkins

Julie O Perkins

Hi! Thanks for connecting with me here. I'm grateful that we've found each other!
Are you aware of what brought you here? Of what you are seeking?
No worries if your ""mind"" doesn't know - your body and being do...which is why I love working with the tools, Bars and Body Processes plus the Symphony sessions of Access Consciousness!
All of these have created a whole new level of awareness and ease of living for me. They opened up a space where miracles happened through the power of choice, especially after life-altering events like the sudden death of my son. All the tools of Access Consciousness - especially the Bars - kept me choosing and moving forward...at a time when I wanted to stop living myself. 
I wonder: would they contribute to your life and living? 
Curious, but have questions? I will happily have a conversation about any of these sessions:
*Access the Bars - 32 points on the head that when gently touched will release and clear limitations
**Access Body Processes - gentle touch to unlock and shift energy in your body
***Access Energetic Facelift - a nurturing, rejuvenating gift for you to "face" the world anew (a favorite of mine!)
****Abuse Hold - the energy of abuse (including self-judgement) gets released from the body (Note: there are pre-requisites for this - please contact me!)
*****Symphony sessions - an invitation to LIVING, possibilities and to you, truly being YOU! (in person or via Skype or Zoom)
I often get asked what has changed for me since I began using the tools in 2012...here's a few of my favorite responses: I rarely get ""sick"" anymore - body scars that are decades old have lightened (and even disappeared!) - I actually AM happy (and have been called "full of Joy Julie!) - my relationships are so much more generative - and creating wealth is much easier too.
What else is possible now for us - consciousness - and the planet - with these tools available all across the globe?
I can't wait to meet you somewhere on this beautiful Earth SOON!
Peace and Possibilities from Julie O

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