Access Body Gifting & Receiving

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body?

The Access Consciousness® Body Processes help you increase your awareness of your body so you can know when it’s communicating with you. They also facilitate oneness with the body. When you’re in oneness with the body, there are no barriers between you and it. You’re totally vulnerable with your body and completely present.

Your body has the ability to facilitate you to an awareness of greater embodiment. What if you could receive everything from your body exactly as it is, with no judgment?

When you gift and receive the Access Body Processes, you change things into something that contributes to you. Is now the time to empower yourself to discover your awareness of different energies in the body?

This event is hosted by Access Consciousness® 3 Day Body & Body Process Facilitators in different areas throughout the world. 

Körperprozess und Facelift Austausch Abend

Wenn du Lust hast, die Körperprozesse zu bekommen und zu geben, oder Facelift, dann sei dabei. Natürlich sind Access Bars auch erlaubt.

Wenn du das alles noch nicht kennst, kannst du natürlich auch kommen, und Reinschnuppern. 

Wieviel können wir an diesem Abend loslassen und verändern?