The Real Great RESET Live!

“The doors we can open together blows me away every time! Hello different future, here we come!”
Dain Heer

Day 1 Reset with Our Bodies & The Earth
Day 2 Reset of Relationships, Creationships & Other Entanglements
Day 3 Reset with Creation, Money, and the Wealth of LIVING!

What if now is the time to be enthused by the unexpected, unexplored, and totally undefined possibilities of what we are capable of?

Chaos baby!


The Foundation or Global Foundation at anytime
The Great Reset 15 Day Online Series in 2023
The Great Reset - 2024

Have you taken the Reset pre-req? If not, go here to purchase Reset 2023.
Here for Reset 2024


Maakohtainen ja ikäperusteinen hinnoittelu pätevät.
Henkilökohtaiset ja sovelletetut hintasi näkyvät kohdassa ”Billing & Payments” (laskutus ja maksut) rekisteröinnin jälkeen.
Kaikki hinnat sisältävät MP3-äänitteet koulutuksesta ja tyhjennystoisteet.

We HIGHLY recommend that if you are choosing to attend this class you have BOTH The Reset 1&2 AND The Foundation.

Guide to joining us in Kensington, London, UK!

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