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Your guide to joining us at Opatija, Croatia!

Travel & Transportation

The nearest airport to Opatija is Rijeka (RJK) Airport which is 24.5 km away.

Other nearby airports include Pula (PUY) (56.7 km),

Zagreb (ZAG) (144 km), Venice (VCE) (154.4 km), and

Zadar (ZAD) (160.6 km).

Rijeka Airport

The time and distance from the Rijeka Airport to the Hotel Kvarner is 37 minutes and 40.1 km.

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More information:  Travel Guide to Opatija

The kuna is the currency of Croatia. The plural form of the word kuna in Croatian can be kuna or kune because of different number declension rules.

You will find that you can pay in some places – private accommodation, taxis – in Euros. Do note that this is entirely on an unofficial basis; the Euro is NOT yet the official currency and NO business/individual is required to accept them as payment.

ATMs are now nearly everywhere in Croatia except in the most remote areas.

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.


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What to Pack

Class Venue 

Hotel Kvarner

Ul. Pava Tomašića 2,
Opatija, HR

+385 51 710 444

Hotel Kvarner Website


The Hotel Ambasador

  • Feliksa Peršića 5, 51410 Opatija

Hotel Palace Bellevue

  • Maršala Tita 144/148, 51410 Opatija

Special Rate, for both The Hotel Ambasador & Hotel Palace Bellevue

The booking code is SOP22
Book Here


More Accommodation coming soon

About Opatija

Opatija is a Croatian coastal town on the Adriatic Sea. A fashionable resort in the 19th century, it's dotted with Habsburg-era villas.



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