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My Access Bars journey has been a pretty interesting one!!

I have done energy and holistic work for many years, both teaching and treatment, and continued to take courses in different modalities. Though I value what I was working with, I knew there could be more - how can we heal each other more easily and live lives that are limitless???

Well, one day I was at a networking group of mine and one of the featured vendor tables was run by a lady who had her own spa and treatment business. On her table was a flyer about Access Consciousness and the Bars. I was instantly drawn to the flyer and couldn't stop staring at it. I asked her some questions but she was busy so I decided to take the flyer home.

It sat on my desk for about 3 weeks before I called and left a message with one of the Bars facilitators listed on the site. I got a call back from the facilitator and my journey with the Bars began. After one treatment I was significantly different. I was able to let go of a lot of things holding me back and able to create space for more wonderful things in my life. Amazing things keep showing up in my life now everyday. I decided to take the Bars course and am now able to help others do the same - how does it get better than this.....??

If you are looking to create your own journey of awesomeness, book as session with me and see what the possibilities can be for you........

Can't get enough of Access?

Check out my Access Consciousness® Tools and Products link to the Access Shop – where everything Access is available: books, CD’s, DVD’s, Music, courses and classes, and much, much more…….

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Ph: 416-357-0060


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