Rocco Wunderle

Rocco Wunderle

Rocco Wunderle

Welcome to our Access Consciousness Page,

We enjoy finding new ways, techniques and ideas that can help people in improving their life.

Experimenting the tools and then going out further and creating new ones is a great joy and makes us so excited. As a result, We have an ever growing set of tools, that We can't wait sharing with you. We have chosen this journey... and now inviting you to discover what contribution this can be to your life...

Did you ever ask yourself?

What would it take for me to live a life, that I can only dream about?
How could I change and improve the money situation that I am in?
What would be the right job for me, where I can naturally excel?
In which ways can I improve my relationship?
What is right about my body, that I don't get?

We are here to show you the many ways, ACCESS BARS, ACCESS FACELIFT, THE FOUNDATION, YOUR ACOUSTICAL BODY specialty class and more classes can help you
transforming each aspect of your life... live the life you want, the way you want.


Access Bars classes 
The Foundation classes 
Your Acoustical Body - Specialty Classes 
Energetic Facelift classes 
100% COMMITTED - Specialty Classes 
Zoom calls 
Gifting & Receiving and
1-on-1 sessions 
...with ease & joy & glory,

Csilla & Rocco

You can find more details about us and our events at:

P.S: ...and in what other ways can We be the contribution to your amazing journey?


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