Saskia Mevis

Saskia Mevis

Saskia Mevis

Every day you wake up and get a chance to DO whatever you want and to BE whoever you want to BE! The only thing that’s stopping you is YOU!

Can I entice you? 

Do you want to engage with Consciousness and see what else is possible?


What does Consciousness actually mean to me?

Consciousness for me is the space in the world, where there is no right or wrong and you can actually be free from all the trauma, drama and suffering. A space where there is a possibility for everyone to live with Ease, Joy and Glory and to change everything that doesn’t work for you. 

No matter in what area of your life you are stuck, there is ALWAYS another possibility!

A possibility to actually create the life you desire. 

I’m sure you’ll be amazed with your own power and potency when you start acknowledging the gift you truly are.

Trust me: I know. I’ve been there. I have come a long, beautiful way and here I am committed to spreading more Consciousness on this planet as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. Ever since I received my first Access Bars Session, my life changed and kept on changing and getting greater ever since.

I truly wonder what else is possible for you, beyond what you ever imagined?

What would it take for all of us, to keep choosing more in every moment and create greater possibilities for our lives, living AND the future of our beautiful Planet?

Looking forward to meeting YOU!


With Love 💋✨


“A Life full of wonder is a wonderful life"


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What Else is Possible for You and Your Life if You Would Start NOW? Ever since I received my first Access Bars Session, my life changed and kept on changing and getting greater ever since. What are the infinite possibilities for you, your life, and your living? Do you want to know where I'm up to? CHECK IT OUT 😃

“The Choice comes before Change! All of Life comes to us with Ease, Joy and Glory!”



My Classes

Access Bars -koulutus

Access Bars on Access Conciousnessin ydin ja perusta. Se voi olla suurenmoisen seikkailun alku ja se voi olla jotain, mitä voit lisätä elämääsi luodaksesi helppoutta kaikkeen. Barsit ovat 32 tankoa päässäsi, jotka ovat yhdistyneet erilaisiin asioihin elämässäsi. Kosketa yhtä tankoa, ja puhdistat kyseiseen tankoon liittyvät lukkiutuneet energiat. Elämäsi voi muuttua kevyellä kosketuksella!


Tämä koulutus purkaa rajoitustesi perusteet, joiden pohjalta olet uskonut että sinun täytyy elää, ihan kuin sinulla ei olisi mitään muuta vaihtoehtoa! Koulutuksia järjestävät Access fasilitaattorit ympäri maailman. Foundation on 4 päivän intensiivinen tutkimusmatka siihen, mitä muita mahdollisuuksia sinulla on. Koulutus luo tietoisuutta tietoisuuden perustasta, jota et ole vielä elämässäsi käyttänyt!