Suzy Godsey

Suzy Godsey

Suzy Godsey

What if learning to communicate with animals is the key to a greater life? Suzy Godsey invites you to the tools of Access Consciousness and the miracles that are possible on this planet.

Suzy is the program director for Talk to Animals classes and has a wealth of awareness to empower you to use your unique and subtle energy capacities with animals.

Everyone perceives the language of energy differently. No one knows this better than Suzy.

As a small kid, she was highly aware of animals and constantly received their messages, not knowing what to do with this awareness. Suzy spent many years seeking her way of being with animals; she knew there were possibilities beyond the typical jobs with animals.

After she moved to the US in 1989 to become a photographer, Suzy became a dog walker in California. That’s when things started to fall into place. She even had an appearance on Cesar Milan’s Show The Dog Whisperer.

When Access Consciousness came into her life, the energy she perceived as a child finally matched her awareness.

With the encouragement of Gary Douglas, the founder of Access, Suzy began facilitating Talk To The Animals classes based upon this classic book. These classes have helped thousands have more clarity, ease, and communion with the animals they love.

Suzy has led animal communication classes in far-reaching places from a Japanese zoo to the South African wilderness and beyond. Her calm presence and space of being is a gift to animals. She does not discriminate. Everyone, and everything, has something valuable to say if you are quiet enough to hear it.

Have you ever wondered how to talk with animals? 

Using her ability to listen to and learn from animals, Suzy travels around facilitating different animal classes and offering them online. She knows the animals have a different way of seeing the world, which can be a gift if we are willing to listen.

She also leads the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider training, having worked closely with Gary Douglas for many years. These amazing equine workshops assist people to create a deeper bond with their horses, leading to being a better rider and handling horses with more ease.

A virtuoso with energy, Suzy is the founder of ESSE (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment), a hands-on bodywork modality. ESSE combines Access Consciousness with hands-on manipulation techniques targeting all body systems. This creates dynamic results and seeming miracles for people and animals.

Suzy has also been the mastermind behind the global reach of Access Consciousness live-streaming and virtual classes since 2004. Under the watchful eye of Suzy, the capacity for Access Consciousness to reach a larger audience, especially in non-English speaking countries, has grown beyond what anyone could have dreamed of. She continually outwits the technical limitations that are said to be impossible to overcome. The virtual side of Access Consciousness is expanding all the time. Some classes are being translated into 19 languages enabling hundreds of thousands of people to learn these life-changing tools.

On meeting Suzy, you immediately realize that she has a wealth of awareness, authenticity, and empowerment. From her work with animal communication, with bodies, to the technical side of Access Consciousness, in a gentle no-nonsense style, she supports people to know that more is possible.

Something in her nature makes you want to open up and know it’s safe when you do. She brings this to every interaction and every class she facilitates.

Suzy’s overarching target is to create a conscious world where people and animals contribute to each other.

She says, “There is nothing more fun than supporting a person, an animal, a plant to have more, be more, and overcome their limitations. So much in this world is not working, and introducing tools that have the capacity to create change with ease is the best job in the world.”

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