ACYA – Access Consciousness Youth Ambassador

A unique program and certification to empower infinite beings in little bodies 


 Empower kids to be all they can be, just as they are!

What if you could create the space that allowed kids to unleash their potential and burst through any limitations? To create the ease, joy, and glory in everything they do and to empower them to consciously take charge of their own lives? What else may be possible then?

As an Access Consciousness Youth Ambassador (ACYA) you are qualified to:

  • Create intro classes, workshops, lesson plans or talks designed to bring the tools of Access Consciousness into schools, orphanages, after-school programs, or anywhere else you discover these tools could contribute to youth and/or their teachers/caregivers.

  • Use the many children’s books published by Access Consciousness as a basis for your talks, lessons, or classes. Share the books with the world!

  • Give Access Bars sessions. ONLY IF YOU are a BF, Bars Facilitator, can you teach Access Bars to kids or teachers. If you are interested in being a BF you can read how to become a Bars Facilitator. You can also collaborate with a BF if you’d like to have someone teaching Access Bars at the school or organization you are involved in. 

  • Engage with the youth in your community, ask questions, and discover and implement what is uniquely possible in the area you live!

Ready to Become an ACYA?

Please note that attending a COP class is a pre-requisite.
Have you already participated to a Choice of Possibilities class?

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From book readings, to Access Bars for students or staff, to entire programs...the possibilities are endless! 

What change can we be together?