Creating Your Life Beyond Stress

Imagine being able to wake up each morning and knowing it is possible for you to achieve what YOU would like to each day.

Imagine being able to know what those limiting beliefs are
– then being able to be present and aware of what they are doing to you.

Imagine being able to choose how you behave in each moment in your life – yourself – not at the effect of stress,
but rather recognizing it for what it really is.

Welcome to a one day Joy of Business class! A day of empowerment, of creating a new future - a future where you are not impacted by stress as you were before.

Please know this class is about you and what you can do to create a different life; a life where YOU can start to control stress and it doesn’t control YOU!

This workshop is for anyone ready to change things that aren’t working for them. Those things that frustrate. Those things that cause overwhelm.




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Créez votre vie au-delà du stress

C'est une toute nouvelle proposition pour vous si le stress n'est plus votre ami, si le burnout vous guette ... est-il temps de changer quelque chose ?

Ouvert à toutes et à tous sans prérequis. En français avec traduction en anglais possible.

Enregistrements audio fournis.

In French with English translation and audio recordings available. 

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