Saurab Tibrewall

Saurab Tibrewall

So Grateful To Have YOU Here! I, Thank you for showing up in my life!!!

Hello There! My name is Saurab Tibrewall. And I am an Entrepreneur and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. 

Have you discovered! You are a Gift to this world! Yes, Thats absolutely true My dear friend!Irrespective of how easy or hard it is for you to get this now. For some of us its easy to get this and for some of us it takes sometime to get there. However, whenever you get it, your life starts moving Forward and upward and onward from that moment. And I invite you to Ask, What gift are you and you truly BE, that you have not yet acknowledged? everyday in your life till you get it. Do you know? Each Access class I have been to and done and each time I used these mazing access tools, it has contributed in my life to acknowledge more and more the difference and the gift I truly be to this world. And the sense of peace it has brought in my world I hope i could have put that into words here. And yes, I am Not there fully where I be it 24x7 nonstop yet but let me tell you, I am moving very fast. :) How does it get any better than this?

Do you desire to live your life where all you desires to be, do, have, create, generate comes to you with ease, joy and glory? Then, you got to stop judging you. And What if you can free yourself from all judgments you have of you with ease? That's truly possible. 

Many years ago a friend of mine asked me, Did I get my bars run?  And he insisted me I must try. And somehow I felt like listening to his advice and got curious, what is this? And oh! boy!  Do I had any clue then, how much my life is going to transform? Absolutely NO! And I committed to myself I will get a hundred session consecutively to dioscover what can this contribute to my life and to do so I and my wife did Access Bars class together. And trust me, I am glad that I trusted myself and followed my knowing without looking for any validation from anybody, even that friend of mine and it changed everything in my life. My heart is so filled with gratitude for Access and these amazing access tools.

And No wonder, One thing on earth that I love to do most is Facilitate different access classes and witness people's lives transforming as if by magic. Can’t describe in words what joy it is for me to get to be such a contribution. I wonder, How did I get so lucky?  And it would be truly an honour to have you in my classes someday somewhere. Just saying...

How does it get any better than this? 

And May I ask, What can you choose to amaze yourself today?

Hope to see you in-person someday somewhere in the world!





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“What choice can you make today that will create the future you desire to have tomorrow?”



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Les Access Bars® sont le coeur même et la fondation d'Access Consciousness. Cela peut être le point de démarrage d'une grande aventure et cela peut être quelque chose que tu ajoutes à ta vie et qui t'aidera à créer plus d'aisance avec absolument tout.
Les Bars® sont 32 points uniques sur la tête qui sont corrélés à différents domaines ou aspects de la vie. Touche une Bar et tu commences à faire partir l'énergie vérrouillée dans ce domaine ou cet aspect de ta vie simplement en le touchant.

La classe Fondation

Cette classe défait la fondation de la limitation à partir de laquelle tu penses que tu dois vivre comme si tu n'avais pas d'autre choix! Elle est facilitée par des facilitateurs certifiés Access partout dans le monde et c'est une exploration intense de 4 jours de quoi d'autre est possible. La classe crée la prise de conscience de la fondation de conscience que tu n'as pas encore utilisée dans ta vie!

Classe Corps de 3 jours Access

Et si ton corps était une boussole ou un guide vers les secrets, les mystères et la magie de la vie ? La classe Corps Access est conçue pour ouvrir un dialogue et créer une communion avec ton corps qui te permet de profiter de ton corps au lieu de lutter contre lui et de l'abuser.

Le Business autrement avec un JCF avancé

Cette classe n'est pas comme les autres classes sur le business auxquelles tu assisteras. Elle est différente. Elle te permettra de reconnaître ce que tu sais sur le business, l'argent et la création. Que sais-tu ?