Talk to the Entities - The Book Club

The invitation to a reality-changing 12 week adventure
Join the certified TTTE facilitators from around the world to read and talk about this amazing book and all its dynamic insights and keys.

Play with awareness from the book each week in a Facebook group, receive recordings of book club meetings, and explore the adventure of Talk To The Entities and changing the world with people globally. The only prerequisite is owning a copy of the book.


Join Shannon O’Hara on a journey of the world seen through very different eyes.

Through the experience of a girl growing up seeing, hearing, and talking with spirits, Talk To The Entities shares an exceptional glimpse into a world many know, but few acknowledge.Sometimes awareness of the others in our midst is a blessing and sometimes a curse,yet it is intriguing every step of the way.

Vulnerable, compelling, and empowering, Talk to The Entities sets a whole new standard for books of
its kind and will continue to inspire a different way of seeing the world now and into the future.

Warning, after reading this you may never see the world the same and you may also start to open up to your own abilities with entities.




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Únete a los facilitadores certificados de Talk To The Entities® Isabel Aedo y Manfred Zepeda para un viaje de 12 semanas con el maravilloso libro escrito por Shannon O'Hara.

En el transcurso de 12 lunes, Isabel y Manfred se unirán a otros 11 facilitadores de TTTE de habla española, donde vamos a leer, jugar y explorar este libro que está cambiando el mundo. El club de lectura es GRATIS.

¡El único requisito es que tengas el libro.

Te esperamos para explorar este mundo contigo!