Right Body For You - The Book!

Is your body an ease or a burden?

This is a very different perspective about bodies and your ability to change yours. It might all be easier than you ever knew was possible!


Advanced Right Body for You Online Replay

This advanced class will get you to the place where you can create the changes in your body you have determined and decided you can’t create, so you can choose those changes with ease, and create beyond the limitations that this reality tells us are true for bodies. You will have a greater choice and a greater possibility with bodies for you and all the people you know as a result of these three days.


Right Body For You Online Replay

Right Body for You will give you an amazing set of tools that can facilitate you in creating just that! You can free yourself from the tyranny of strict diets, agonizing exercise routines, and daily struggles to control your body using the tools that are presented in this class.

What if you could work WITH your body instead of against it, and creates the results you've been looking for with more ease than you thought possible?


Right Body For You Telecall Series

Over 12 hours of energetic body-talk, questions, clearings and possibility!

If you had no point of view about what you should look like, what would you and your body like to look like? When you are not judging you or your body, you can show up as beautiful as you truly are.


Your Body is Talking...Are You Listening? Teleseries

“For me, when I began to communicate with my body and include it into every aspect of my life my WHOLE LIFE changed with ease and quickly – my finances, my health, my body and my relationships…" - Donnielle Carter, Co-Author Right Body for You