Agnes Toma

Agnes Toma

Agnes Toma

I strongly believe that the only thing worth living is enjoying every moment of your life!

For this reason, I made it my life's purpose. Access Consciousness appeared in my life and everything changed.

That motivated me to share others fully of joy the Access tools, that bring ease of life, help you discover how you want life to be and what you want to add to your life to make it even greater that you imagined possible.

How would you get out of chatterbox mind and release your thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories that are stored in cells and make you prisoner?

Access Consciousness is a range fabulous technique, tools and processes that transforms everything and allowing us access to our full potential to become who we really are. Access consciousness we find ourselves capacity to live our life fully consciousness instead of to choose a life of suffering and so we can make better other choices.

How would you like to choose to create a magical life by discovering the infinite possibilities of the Universe?

I am Access Consciousness Certificat Facilitator, I facilitate Bars and Foundation Classes, Access Consciousness Facelift and Body Work (over 40), I also offer private Bars sessions, body work, Abuse Hold and Symphony of Possibilities.

I organize also live online classes Access (POP).

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Cred cu tarie ca singurul lucru pentru care merita sa traiesti este sa te bucuri de fiecare clipa a vietii tale!
Din acest motiv, am facut din asta scopul vietii mele. A aparut Access Consciousness in viata mea si TOTUL s-a schimbat. Asta m-a motivat sa impart cu bucurie si altora, instrumentele Access, care aduc usurinta in viata, te ajuta sa descoperi cum ai vrea ca viata ta sa fie si ce ai vrea sa adaugi vietii tale, pentru a o face sa fie asa cum nici macar nu ti-ai imaginat ca este posibil. Cum ar fi sa te iesi din 'morisca" mintii, si sa eliberezi ganduri, sentimente, emotii, amintiri care sunt depozitate in celule si care ne fac prizonieri?

Access Consciousness este o gama fabuloasa de tehnici, instrumente si procese care transforma totul, in minte si corp, si care ne permit accesul la intregul nostru potential, pentru a deveni cine suntem cu adevarat.

Cu Access Consciousness ne regasim capacitatea ca in loc de a ne trai viata in suferinta sa alegem o viata in constienta si astfel putem face alte alegeri.

Iar fiecare alegere, ne creeaza viata.

Cum ar fi, sa alegeti sa creati o viata magica, fiind deschisi sa primiti infinitele posibilitati pe care le ofera Universul?

Sunt Facilitator Certificat Access Consciousness, facilitez clasele de Bars si clasa " Fundatia", de asemenea Access Consciousness Facelift si Procese de Corp ( peste 40), facilitez sedinte individuale de Bars, consultatii individuale, Procese de Corp, Procesul de eliberarea Abuzului, Energetic Facelift, Simfonia Posibilitatilor.

Organizez, de asemenea, clase live online Access (POP).


Mai multe pe website-ul meu:

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קורס זה מוחק את יסודות המגבלה שחשבת שאתה צריך לחיות מתוכה כאילו שאין לך בחירה אחרת.! הקורס מועבר בכל רחבי העולם על ידי מנחים מוסמכים של אקסס ומהווה 4 ימים אינטנסיביים של חקירה של - מה עוד אפשרי. קורס היסודות יוצר בסיס למודעויות שטרם השתמשת בהן בחיים שלך!

קורס אקסס בארס

האקסס בארס הם הגרעין והליבה של אקסס קונשסנס. זוהי יכולה להיות נקודת התחלה של הרפתקה גדולה וזה יכול להיות משהו שאתה מוסיף לחייך שיסייע לך ליצור קלות רבה יותר עם כל דבר. הבארס הן 32 נקודות של אנרגיה שמופעלות דרך וסביב ראשך וקשורות להיבטים שונים של חייך. גע בבאר אחד ואתה תתחיל לשחרר החוצה את האנרגיה שננעלה בשטח או בהיבט הזה בחייך רק ע"י נגיעה