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Desiree DuMonde

I am so grateful for Access Consciousness and what it has empowered me to choose as the creation of my life and living.

The tools and processes I have learned from Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer have opened me up to truly enjoying myself and rather than judging myself.  As I actualize the tools, and engage with the world, I have the majesty of knowing now, that EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING, is changable.  

As an opera singer, vocal instructor, artist, and Certified Facilitator, it is my supreme pleasure to be a part of the revealing of YOU and sharing the power of a question.

I am devoted to uplifting and illumintaing the gifts within each of us, and cultivating an abundance of joy as we harness our capacities, our ability to choose, invigorate our gifts and our true nature, which is joy.  

No matter what you have going on in your life...loss, grief, illness, depression, lonliness, abuse, trauma or anything else....

these tools get you to the bedrock of who you truly be.  

No joke my friends.  

The impossible is possible when we choose to discharge the nonsense running in our minds and reclaim the infinite potency and space of being.  

You are NOT your story.

YOU, yes YOU....are a MIRACLE.  

Whether you desire classes, private sessions, vocal strengthening or gentle touch - contact me and we can find a personalized approach to unlocking whatever keeps you from being you - both in person and online.  

I look forward to seeing the glittering in your eyes, the lifting of your smile, the vulnerabilty of your tears, and the warmth of your heart.  

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“YOU are a miracle. If you don't know it, you are buying a lie.”

- me