Fiona Finn

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My name is Fiona Finn,

I love nature, harmony and healing! I am a dog lover. I love simplicity!!

Life is an adventure of possibilites! Over the last 15 (plus!) years I have trained in many modalities – Feng Shui, Kinesiology,  Integrated Energy Therapy, Abundance Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Body Processes and Symphony of Possibility sessions.

Always looking for more ease in my life. I have ease in my life. I have energy, joy and peace in my life today. I have tools that I use daily so that I can be Me and have fun!

Is it time to say goodbye to – constant mind chatter, body aches and pains, asthma, back and neck issues, low energy, waking up tired, overweight, low confidence, introvert and shy……..burnout….. ?

1-1 private sessions available Cork & Killarney - Feng Shui Consultation, Access Bars, Energetic Facelift, Body Processes. Contact me to book!

Take a one day Access Energetic Facelift class!

Take a one day Acces Bars class!!

‘The first time I got my bars run was in Galway September 2013. I had an interview the following day and I will be honest – I really wanted the job and was jittery and nervous. During the Bars session I became totally relaxed and all the mind chatter about the interview just disappeared. I rocked up to the interview relaxed and it was more like a conversation with a close friend than an ‘interview’ I got the job (happy) and have continued to get my Bars run ever since. Why? It brings more ease to every aspect of my life.’

'The first time I received an Energetic Facelift treatment was in Cork, October 2013. There are almost no words to describe the deep level of relaxation I experienced. It was like a deep inner knowing of a space of relaxation I had forgotton and yet instantly recognised when the energies of Facelift starting running. Facelift is a deep nurturing and caring for your body and being. I truly love the energy of Facelift and invite you to this space of nurture and ease too. Looking forward to meeting you at a Facelift class soon. Your body will know when it's time!'

Background Information

Fiona Finn is a Feng Shui Consultant & Wellbeing Facilitator based in Cork. Her sole purpose is to facilitate people from problems to possibilities to create harmony and the life they truly desire. What are your choosing for you today?

Originally trained as an Architectural Technician Fiona sees the world differently to most people. When you choose to create with her she is a simplicity seeking missile that goes to the fastest, easiest solution that can work. She cuts through everything that isn’t relevant.

Facelift Testimonial

Hey Fiona, I just wanted to say thanks so much for an amazing day of the Access Energy Facelift course in Cabragh Wetlands Thurles a few weeks back.. had the most amazing day! The release I had was phenomenal, and the sense of peace and tranquility after was fantastic………………I knew I had a lot coming up to the surface since Christmas to release and that day it just all lifted!! I felt so much lighter after and what made it was the laughter, the fun and giddiness through the day! I came away feeling and looking lighter and brighter!! You are an amazing Múinteóir who held a fabulous safe space and I'm looking forward to attending more classes with you in the future.. Take care.

Louise, Co. Clare (class participant)

Facelift Testimonial

I did the Access Facelift class with Fiona in Cork last June .. it was a truly wonderful experience that I would highly recommend , I am very open to energy so almost immediately I felt the pull of energy through my body , beautiful colours floating & swaying liking riding on a rainbow .. it is truly a wonderful therapy to both receive & to give or gift to each other …

Ann, Cavan (class participant)

Facelift Testimonial

The first time I had the facelift energy process on me , I remember the pure relaxation I went into, I felt it was so nurturing and protective and that it was a whole body experience not just the face. I felt the energy moving around my body to where it needed to go. Overall I will say it’s a fabulous treatment. 

Mags, Galway (class participant)

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