Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis

Samantha Lewis

Do you look at the way your life is going and ask, is this it?

A couple of years ago that’s exactly the question I was asking.  I knew there was something more, I had completed every possible metaphysical, spiritual and energy course I could get my hands on.

I was facilitating my own classes in Metaphysics, doing psychic readings and energy healing, for regular clients, my corporate wellness business was ticking over nicely, yet still I was searching for that something that would show me what I knew at the core of my being was possible.  I knew there was a way to create change in a dynamic magical easy way.

One day I was doing my usual research on what’s new in the world of Corporate Massage and I came across the “Access The Bars™” website, an interesting head chart on the site” intrigued me, I book marked it, deciding to come back to it at later day.

Surprise, surprise over the next 2 weeks I had 3 different people ask me if I heard about “The Bars”, well that was it for me I went back onto the site and registered for the very next class.

The rest is, can I say history, the points of view I had been living my life from I discovered were just that – Interesting Points of View, and I could choose to keep them or change them.

I found out how to run bars and on the day had my bars run twice.  My body felt so light, my mind was still, I had a greater sense of joy & peace in my being.  This was exactly what I knew was possible.

I felt happy for absolutely no reason.  How does it get better than that?


Today I am living the life I never thought I could have, yes it took making some choices that, previously I felt afraid to make now everything has a sense of ease, joy and possibility even the stuff that use to be difficult has a sense of ease to it.

I am an Access Consciousness ™ Certified Facilitator (CFMW),  Being You Certified Facilitator, Body Process & Energetic Facelift Facilitator and a Put the Fun Back in Business Facilitator.

I facilitate classes in various countries and coach people all over the world.

Everything in my life has changed so quickly and beautifully, I am so grateful!

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Welcome, I will be hosting a LIVESTREAM REPLAY of the Class The Taste of Being - X-Men with Dr Dain Heer, that is taking place Live in Houston Texas on the 9th February USA time at 7pm. The Livestreamed event will take place in Bryanston at 11am on the 10th February 2019. Are you ready to live your life from energetic awareness and create the magic you were born to be? Is it time to set you free and find out what else you are capable of? Join Dr Dain Heer for a door opening evening exploring your true capacities and how to use them!

“"There is magic & miracles available to each person living on this planet. All we have to do is ask for them to show up and they do. It's as easy as that"”

- Samantha Lewis