Theresa Finnigan

Theresa Finnigan
Theresa is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and empowerment coach.
Through her background working in private healthcare, Theresa found what really lights her up - showing people a different possibility and empowering them to choose something different. All of this occurs with a grace, an ease, and often laughter too.
Theresa has a full and varied life. She has an international business as a facilitator, a local business as a Reiki Master, Access Facilitator and holistic therapist, and is a loving wife and mother to four amazing kids, young and older!
It was not always like this for her – she knows first hand how it is to suffer with low mood and depression, and has experienced tragedy in her family.
She has had the courage to use the tools that she now uses with clients to overcome these difficulties and create a vibrant, full life.
If you too have the courage and the desire for something different, Theresa will be totally there for you, inviting and empowering you to more than you thought was possible for you.

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“Everything is possible if you are willing to choose with no point of view!”

- All revolution starts with a vision of whats possible - Brene Brown