Meanwhile Back at the Ranch... A New Adventure With Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Begins! 


There’s a whole world of possibilities that horses communicate with us,

But it’s not with words...

Can you hear it?

What can you learn from a horse?

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: What would it be like to trust you with every choice you make?

Presence: How do you get out of your head & into the world? If you’re not being present with a horse, you’ll know it, the horse definitely will know it, and so will everyone else.

What are you being with the people in your life?

What’s working?
 What’s not working?
How do you get a greater result?

Your interactions with horses will show you all of this.

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Thinking Like A Horse By Gary Douglas


Using words to communicate with a horse is like speaking French to a Chinese person. It isn’t very effective. Horses communicate telepathically.


What can you learn from a horse?


Insights by the facilitators of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2 day classes.


Animal Communication Causes A Stir


Suzy Godsey "speaks" with Irish stallion The Cliffsofmoher from the other side. The horse told her he knew he had a problem before the Melbourne Cup...