Living Beyond Grief

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What is grief?

Grief gets created when we become stuck in past trauma, loss, unfinished relationships, resentments, regrets, romantic illusions and nostalgia. We often don’t wish to let go, feeling we are dishonouring people and things important to us if we do.

What amount of grief are you holding onto without realizing it? 

How much is that stopping your ability to be living here and now? 

What if there is a different perspective and a different way to be with grief that would allow you more peace and ease?

What if the first gift of grief is rediscovering your ability to be kind to you?




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CONVERSATIONS IN GRIEF | 3-Part Zoom Series with Wendy Mulder, CF

Grief and loss are areas that most of us are raised to avoid talking about with ease. We make it taboo, put it away in a box and cut away parts and pieces of ourselves to either avoid it or become stuck in it.

What would it be like if you were allowed to ask anything, choose anything and have the space and vulnerability to create more ease for you and those around you with grief and “taboo” areas of life?

This 3-part zoom series is for anyone who knows people experiencing grief or has experienced grief themselves. It is also for those who are aware of a different possibility and desire to be an inspiration and invitation for others to know they have a different possibility with grief, too.



Feb 29
7 pm AEST
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Mar 14
7 pm AEST
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Mar 28
7 pm AEST
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“If grief was a gift, what choices could it offer you and what changes could those choices bring?” - Wendy Mulder