The Ease of Access Livestreaming

1) Please make sure that you are using FireFox as your browser

2) Log in to your account on the Access Consciousness website 

3) At the top of the page, to the right of your name - click on the downward arrow. 

4) Click on Media

5) From the list on the left click on Live-Stream to view today’s class 

6) If class is in progress the streaming will begin automatically on the screen in the middle of the page. 

7) We’ll begin streaming approximately 30 minutes before class begins.  You may see the room or a class graphic but may not be able to hear what’s happening until just before class starts.

8) Please note that we will be re-starting the feed just before the class officially begins to sync with live translation. Please refresh your page.

9) Your Live-stream settings are at the bottom of the screen – volume, full screen view, transmission settings.

10) If you experience stoppage or irregular feed, hover over the bottom of your screen and click the gear icon, click on Quality and select a lower number.

11) Questions?  Please email Live-Streaming at  The Streaming Dazzle would love to assist you to have ease with streaming your class.  Also if you have registered for a Livestreamed class please contact one of your Hosts.  



Would you like to try the big screen experience right away with an Access Consciousness featured taster class! Just login into your Access Consciousness Account and head to Media. There are many classes to choose from!