Cathy Dool

Cathy Dool

Cathy Dool

Daughter * Sister * Business and Marketing Strategist * Access Consciousness and CHCR Certified Facilitator * Canadian Businesswoman.

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your life? That was where I was and looking for answers. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t unhappy ~ unhappy - I just wanted more.

More joy, more laughter, more happiness, more money, more love.

Throughout my life and my businesses, I have always asked questions and looked for the answers. And this led me to many great mentors, many well recognized personalities in the self-improvement world. Yet something seemed off and then I was onto the next person or the next thing.

Events from my life sprouted the growth of a deep-seeded desire to know more, to explore past what I could only see with my eyes and look for the magic I knew existed. I always believed there was magic in the world although I wasn’t aware that the magic was me. I was more focused on the outside of me to get the answers.

I was introduced to Access Consciousness in 2014, and immediately started using the tools.   And wow, things changed with ease. I continue to ask questions but don’t require the answers.  I am more aware of the energies that are bought up because of the questions and willingness to choose.

What if the magic was your willingness to choose? What if the magic was your willingness to choose and play?

Are you willing to acknowledge how different and brilliant you truly be?

Are you willing and ready for the adventure of your life and business?

Are you ready to discover the beauty and magic of the universe?

Do you want to explore the possibilities to have and to be more magical in your life?

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