Darlene Klassen

Darlene Klassen

Darlene Klassen

Hi, thanks for stopping by...

I wear many hats, wife, grandmother, sister, confidante, loyal friend, and compasionate human being.....

I have been in the healing arts for 20 years plus , as a Wholistic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher, and now Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator.

I have always been very inquisitive, events in my life, always appear, when it is clearly the right time for me to receive. I jokingly tell people, things just fall in my lap. When things happen for me, it is usually very qucik. I beleive everything happens in my life when I am ready and willing to receive the New Magic in my life. Answers and possibilities.... come in a quiet whisper, as LIFE unfolds. Through out my life, I often thought I was in control of my destiny and knew my path. There is humour in that for me now, as I gain wisdom and acceptance. The more I let things go and allow LIFE to unfold as it is... the happier and freer I have become.


Although Acess Bars has been around a long time , I went to my first Bars GIFT & RECEIVE  in the spring of 2018. Of course it  just fell into my lap. I knew right away this was for me, so I took a class pretty quick became a practitioner, and have  now become a faciltator. The possibilites are endless...... 

Access Bars is a renewed sense of freedom for me... I am on a total self exploration journey, that continually leads to self growth, deep awareness, and self healing.

I love empoweing people, from all walks of life, from young children, to the aging population & every body in between. I am particularily interesed in empowering WOMEN, who for so many years, were caregivers, and had no time or energy to work on themselves.

Are you looking for a change in your life, feeling, drained, depleted, dissatisfied ??? Are you on the hamster wheel of life, with thoughts/beliefs, attitudes???

What if  you could receive anything without judgement..... what if limiting beliefs and thoughts could magically change, or disappear....

To experience the Magical effects of Acces Bars, please feel  to contact me and watch for my upcoming classes. I would love to hear from you.




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“May this offer you , just what you need, in each unfolding moment”

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