Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips

Hi! My name is Sean Edward Phillilps, and i'm a certified Acces Bars and Body Process Practioner, and also a Bars Class Faciltiator!

I've been loving play with Access's energetic processes and clearing tools since 2018!!

Have much fun can we have together, creating classes, facilitating change and just have a grand old time?


All of Life Comes to Me Ease Joy & Glory!


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I'll be hosting a a Live-stream Zoom of an Access Bars Class, in an event called a "Party of Possibilities", on July 9th in Cleveland, Ohio! We'll be joined via by Worldwide Access Certified Facilitator Brendon Watt for the event! Would like like to come relax, learn the Bars, have too much fun on Thursday? Reach out to me with questions! Registrations due by July 6th at 9:00am EST!

“Magnets are cool, too...”

- Ruby Rose from the Show RWBY