Finding Your Way – A Being You Adventure

A new adventure with the Being You facilitators. 

What have you been searching for that you thought you would never actually find? What if what you’re really seeking is inside YOU?

This series will assist you in navigating through different areas of your life and the true greatest adventure – within yourself...

In this new, 10-part online series, the Being You facilitators, led by Dr. Dain Heer, invite you to explore how you can find your way in the workplace, with your family and within yourself.

What can we together discover on this global adventure?

Is now the time to find out?




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With Special Guest Facilitator Dr. Dain Heer on the final call

Finding Your Way in the Work Place:


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Call 3 - Date/Time


Finding Your Way within Yourself:


Call 4 - Date/Time


Call 5 - Date/Time


Call 6 - Date/Time


Finding Your Way with Your Family:


Call 7 - Date/Time


Call 8 - Date/Time


Call 9 - Date/Time


Being You, Creating a Future Beyond This Reality
with Dr. Dain Heer

Call 10 - Date/Time 

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