Anita Loos

Anita Loos

What if you when being you in totality would just be, perceive, know and receive ALL that is available to you? What if judgement from you about you or from others about you is never stopping you? Can you imagine the SPACE & JOY that would gift you? 

Facilitation from a space of JOY I have found is creating greater for every-BODY and every-THING. Greater for Consciousness, the planet and each and everything on this beautiful Earth. 

My name is Anta Loos and I have been creating my life ever since I "met" or choose to play with the Access Consciousness tools. THIS and the simplicity of it was what I always knew was possible for everybody. 

By engaging with all energies, by playing with the tools on a daily basis I have shifted my life to something so much greater then what I was creating it to be before. Now I am using my potency and my capacities to gift the gift of the access tools and the gift or being me to others around the world.

Are we capable of creating our lives in what works for us or destined to live the life that we have been living for ever and ever? 

Are YOU ready to create a life that you always KNEW was possible? What is it that you know is possible?

Where you ever empowered to BE YOU? Is now the time to start choosing for you? What would that be like? What would your life look like? Would you choose the exact same life again? Is now the time to be empowered in choosing a life that is filled with ease, joy & glory?

What I have always known is that there was a easier or simpler live possible then the life I was living. Not just for me, for every-BODY. What I knew was just an energy back then. Now I KNOW what is possible. I have seen it in my life and in the lives of people that where facilitated by me in my classes. 

If you are living a life of trauma and drama or a life of already lot's of ease, there is something GREATER available for everybody.

The SPACE AND JOY that is in my world right now is available for YOU too!

I would like to invite you to a world, a living and a life where we all are empowered to be who we be. Where we are in total allowance of ourselves, everybody else and their choices. A place of JOY, CHOICE & POSSIBILITIES. Where we ALL thrive. Where question & consciousness is part of how we interact with others, ourselves and with the EARTH. What would that be like for you? Can you imagine this space for YOU?

What choice can YOU make today that will create Ease & Joy right away?

What choices are avalaibe for you right now, right here, that if you would choose them would create a greater world right away?

What if you BEING YOU with your UNIQUE capacities is what the world requires?

YOU all of you is what is a contribution to this earth and everybody on it. Earth is a better place if you know, be, perceive and receive all of you. 

What do you know, that we all do not know, that if you would empower us knowing what you know would change and shift all of humanity?

What do you know? Do you want to find out?

You can find ALL of my classes on my website

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“"Are you willing to be you and change the world?"”

- Dr. Dain Heer