Pretty much all my life I have thought there was something wrong with me. I also secretly thought I was vastly superior to everyone else but would never do anything that might challenge me too much in case I was proved wrong! I spent my life looking for ease and  escape from these two wildly differing polarities- looking for me in fact.

I thought I'd got it sussed when I learned how to go under the radar and function successfully in the world- basically I could disguise my weirdness but the search for me continued and it took a ton of energy to maintain. I didn't know anything was possible after this, this is life, right? And then I found Access...

Two years ago I went to a clarity night in the next town, and the next day, to cut a long story short: I woke up different! I haven't looked back since. I use the tools of Access every moment of my life and what brings me joy and expansion is sharing these tools with clients and in Access Bars and Energetic Facelift classes.

Words cannot express my gratitude for Gary and Dain for sharing this stuff with the world: I am sometimes aware of a possible self that didn't choose these tools, that is still searching and making herself wrong, then right, then wrong then right...! And I'm astounded and grateful all over again that I get to have all of me in this life.

Would you like all of you? Would you like to get out of judgement of yourself and create a life that's fun for you and that contributes to everyone around you in miraculous ways? Come play! I love empowering people to know that YOU are the valuable product- you have all you require and could ever wish for to have a life and living that ignites and enthuses you!

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How to transform 'feelings' of judgement and show up as you in the world- lucky world!

“"Creativity is the vision of your life and the work you desire to do as the essence of you, as the soul of energy"”

- Gary Douglas