Melanie Clampit

Melanie Clampit

Hello, thank you for checking out my profile!

As a seasoned practitioner and teacher for over fifteen years I provide safe and effective treatments and guidance mind, body and being. The tools of Access Consciousness have dynamically changed and added to my life and the many I've had the pleasure to facilitate over the last 7 years. 

I'm thrilled at the possibility of sharing them with you!

What I hear most often is

  • "Shifts are easier and there is more change in one session than I expected or have ever experienced."
  • "I have no idea how to put what just happened into words!"
  • "I feel more relaxed and peaceful than I have in years."
  • "Wow, I knew this was always true!!!" 

I love the process of coming untangled and free. 

I love the AHA! moments, and being part of it. 


 I am lucky to call what I love my livelihood!


I use all of these processes, tools and energetic practices in my own life and stay current with the leading processes in my field.

When Melanie is not facilitating classes, speaking, consulting, or writing she delights in the beautiful Phoenix Rising, a magical mythical horse who occasionally co-facilitates classes and teaches Melanie how to be a kind and daring leader. Pleasures of living include traveling the world, being in nature, beauty, horseback riding, music, dancing, and experiencing new adventures. 

I see a world...
that celebrates and embraces difference, vision, change, and possibilities. 

A world that seeks out, acknowledges and nurtures each individuals unique brilliance, awareness, and vision. A world where we are not in conflict but can live with happiness, wonder, creation, play, and thrilling challenge.

I know a world where we do not hide our super hero like capacities to create healing, change, and beauty. Rather they are cultivated, celebrated, and utilized to heal our planet and create a happy thriving world for us all.

I'm here to create this world, are you?

Today's young people along with people of all ages, genders, races, nationality and creed are demanding that this be created now. Yet so many are hopless and even dying because they don't have the tools and information they require.

Some of the ways I am choosing to activly create this change is through books, interviews & classes that empower, inspire, and inform. By pulling back the curtain revealing the incredible magical world that already exists. To share the information and tools that so many are seeking and searching for that will unlock and release their brilliance, their genius. To show them how they can be them, all of them, here and now. The aware, kind, caring beings of this world can be happy & free, no longer hiding and trying to fit.

I hope to meet you one day!

If the is anything I can do to contribute to you, please feel free to contact me!

with gratitude,

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Some Testimonials!

""Immediately I felt better, relaxed for the first time in 8 years. The ""thoughts"" were coming in and it was like they were on a disk and someone was pulling them out of the player. It felt like that disk was thrown away and like I would never see it again. I have never felt anything like this before! I was slipping in and out of a sleep only to wake up feeling like a new person! Like my old self, like anything is possible. Right now I feel good, happy, content. I haven't had any of the ""bad thoughts"" in fact not many thoughts at all, I'm just at peace. Melanie, you are an angle! Your demeanor and presents show nothing but genuine concern and love. From the moment I saw you I felt at home, at ease."" J.S.

“Receiving Access Consciousness work from Melanie Clampit has been treating myself to one of the most profoundly joyous, opening, elegant, fun and beautiful experiences of my life.

I feel as if I have laughed my way through a forest of insight and images, some of which I held as core issues—which dissolved pretty much instantly, POC and PODing all. I’ve come home to myself, and am really living my life.

I feel so real and free in my body, which is what I always wanted.

That I am able to live here now makes me so happy.

How does it get any better than that?


Greatest thanks to you, dear Melanie, Facilitator Par Excellence!”

~ KZ

“When I arrived I was limping and it was painful to walk. Wow, after sleeping on the table for an hour, I got up to go to the car after Melanie “ran my bars” and I had no trouble walking or discomfort!

Louise. Napa, CA

“Working with Melanie to expand my possibilities has been one of the most
profound experiences in my life. She hears and potently addresses the core
of what’s in my way with such a gentle generosity of spirit, like a warm
invitation to just let it all go. Her tender approach is, for me, leading by
example to a way of being that allows change without turmoil.”

K.L, Ca

“Melanie is an insightful facilitator who truly knows her stuff. It was both a pleasure and a joy to take a Bars class with her. Thank you, Melanie!”

Lynn K.
Belmont, CA

“OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that amazing training/healing. I feel SO different… much much calmer, less reactive, less attached to the past. This is wonderful!”

Laura R.
Visalia, CA

“Melanie is a joy to work with. Right away we started working on clearings. I especially wanted to make sure I was clearing my money blocks which were still not clear to my satisfaction! I was so pleased with her natural ability to hone in on the blocks that needed to be released for more money flow to come into my life.

Melanie has a sweetness about her, that was an absolute delight to be around. I had my 2nd Bars class with her. I appreciate how specific she was with the finger placements, and as soon as I had my fingers in the right place, the energy in my hands amped up and I could feel the heat immediately. She was so accommodating to me. She honored my special request to photograph my hand positions, so I could see the placement with my own hands. I am happy to have them. Thanks Melanie! If I have more opportunities to work with Melanie, I will. She’s a beautiful and talented being.”

“Melanie taught my first bars class and I love it! She was fun, knowledgeable, and totally present to all my questions . I felt like she had a deep understanding of the process!”

Lela Bryan Alameda, CA

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Az Access Bars® az Access Consciousness középpontja és alapja. Egy nagyszerű kaland kiindulópontja lehet, olyasmi, amit hozzáadhatsz az életedhez, hogy segítsen nagyobb könnyedséget teremteni mindennel. A bárok a fejen elhelyezkedő 32 különböző pont, amelyek az élet különböző területeivel és vonatkozásaival vannak összefüggésben. Egy bár megérintésével elkezded kitisztítani az adott életterületen vagy vonatkozásban megrekedt energiát, csak azáltal, hogy megérinted.

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Ez a tanfolyam lebontja a korlátozások alapját, amiről azt gondoltad, hogy abból kell élned, mintha nem lenne más választásod! Minősített Access Facilitátorok facilitálják világszerte, és ez egy 4 napos intenzív felfedezése annak, hogy mi egyéb lehetséges. A tanfolyam megteremti az éberség alapjait, amit eddig nem használtál az életedben!