Z-Access Bars Facilitator Certification - Renewal

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Thank YOU for choosing to Renew your Access Bars Facilitator Certification!

Terms and Conditions:

The following Terms and Conditions will apply to your certification purchase. 


  • Previous purchase of Bars Facilitator Certification
  • Have completed a qualifying renewal class within the past 12 months (see class list below).

Note:  The Bars Facilitator renewal is non-refundable so be sure you have met the prerequisites before you purchase it.

If you have trouble purchasing this product, please email the Bars Facilitator Renewal Team for assistance.

Annual Renewal Requirements

In the next 12 months (from the date of your BF Certification), and each subsequent year thereafter, you are required to take ONE of the following classes.  
  All renewal classes start date must be within the past year of when you renew to qualify.

Note: If you become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator before your Access Bars renewal date, you will not be required to renew your Access Bars Facilitator certification.