Finding the Specialness of You - Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Online Adventure Jul-17

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Horses are some of the greatest facilitators on the planet, and they are demanding that you receive the gift of you. Join our world wide facilitators of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider (CHCR) as they invite you to explore what is possible when horses and people contribute to and receive from each other, with pragmatic tools, questions, hands on processes and incredible stories of change.

Pre-requisite:  None

You will find the Zoom replay and mp3 audios links in your shop order confirmation email, and on your account dashboard (IF you log in prior to purchase).

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THESE LANGUAGES which you will have access to immediately upon purchase:  French, German, Portuguese & Turkish. 




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Facilitator: Various Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators


  • Unlimited ACTV replay access (internet connection required)