Huan Xu

Huan Xu

My vision

I desire to create a world with no separation, where all species thrive on this planet. 

All species live in joyous possibilities where their life just become greater each day. 

What if there is no separation between countries, religions, races, and gender? 

What if there is no separation between humankind and nature? 

What if every time you choose for you, it opens the door for us to choose more?

What if you being the beauty, the power and magic of you, is inviting us to be more of us? 

Every choice you make matters. We are all connected. 

The more you choose joy, the more you’ll spark joy in the world. 

The more you choose possibilities, the more possibilities is available for us to choose. 

That’s how we can contribute to each other in the most magnificent ways. 

This planet is designed to thrive with all species, where everyone and everything contributes to the greater of all. 

All that is required is you to be you. 

You are a valuable part of this planet. 

Please see yourself through the eyes of the Earth, stop judging yourself, and start living your life joyfully. 

That is the most beautiful gift you can be to this planet. 

My JOYney


Six years ago, I worked at a high-end dental practice, making good money. I married a wonderful husband, and we had a beautiful daughter.

Life was good, but something was missing.  I started looking for more, even though I wasn’t sure what that “more” is.

One day, a friend introduced Access Consciousness to me. He said, “I’ve never seen anyone change so much in an hour. You should try it out.” That was the beginning of my adventure into something completely different. 

As I took more classes, it became obvious that what I had as a good life was not enough. I could see the rest of my life down a one-lane street.

I wanted more possibilities in my life, and I became a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness. When I started running classes and seeing the spark in people’s eyes come alive, I knew this was what I wanted to create in the world. I could spend my life fixing people’s teeth, or I could spend my life igniting the joy of living in people.

And I chose more JOY.

The journey was bumpy. My family couldn’t understand why I’d give up such a promising dental career. My husband thought Access Consciousness was too weird, and he’s losing his wife as I travelled more. Our marriage hit rock bottom.

Despite that, I was getting happier and happier each day. I stopped judging myself, I was becoming more of me and I love empowering people. My business was growing strong. I enjoy meeting amazing people like you around the world and witnessing their lives transform into sparkles of joy.

When my family started seeing that I was becoming wildly happy and wealthy, they became curious about what I do. They started using the tools of consciousness, and our relationship transformed.

Now our marriage is stronger than ever, and we enjoy each other more than we did on our honeymoon. My husband became my proudest client. He now started seeing possibilities beyond his regular job and has started pursuing his dreams. The sparks in his eyes gave me so much joy, and we now inspire each other to create greater each day.

I wake up happy every day, enjoying my body, looking forward to creating greater possibilities and having more fun in life.

Life has truly become a joyous adventure for me.

Would you like to ignite your joy of living too?

I’d love to contribute to you in creating a life you truly desire!

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Ignite your JOY of living!

“All of life come to me with ease, joy and glory.”

- Gary Douglas