Karla Lightfoot

Karla Lightfoot

Karla Lightfoot

Are you having fun yet? If not, why not? WAIT... Let's POD and POC it! What else is possible? What if the point of being here is to have fun in every breath? Anything that doesn't allow that...Oh, let's play in the magic of the question. These are some of the wild and wacky and fun tools of Access that blow sh*t open and create more space for your Life and Living! Come join me for a BARS or Energetic Facelift session, a class, or email me and say hello, I"d love to hear from you!

So if you're here, I imagine you are curious about or you're being called towards the idea of living in the question. What a wonderful way to live and be... Access found me in December of 2017. I began playing with the tools right away, having my Bars run every week, and running Bars on as many people as I could. Within a few months, I became a Bars Facilitator, joined Gary and Dain at Global Foundation, became a Facelift Practitioner and hopped into ESB... an more. There is so much to explore.

As a medical hypnotherapist, S Factor movement instructor and TRE® practitioner, ALL of Access clicked for me. It was as if everything I had been learning, practicing, seeing, and experiencing, just poof, showed up in this pretty package. Brilliant, simple tools to expand my perspective and therefore my being... with ease, joy, and glory! A perfect playdate with pure potential. And I love to play. How does it get any better? 

My work over the last decade has shown me what else is possible when you shift your limited points of view-- everything from babies being conceived to complete comfort, peace and healing to high vibration romantic partnership and so much more. Magic and miracles, and wow; LIFE! I am finding that Access opens the space even more dynamically. Within my first few months of using all of the tools and having my Bars run, I experienced money showing up from seemingly nowhere, and a newfound relationship to my awareness, to energy and to Life.

If you're hearing the call to learn more or to have your Bars run, I invite you to reach out. During a Bars session, a wide range of experiences is possible. You may notice a shift in your awareness; energy running through your body; giggles, guffaws, or tears; or an experience entirely your own. Or absolutely none of those things. Ha! At the very least you'll experience a deep, deep, rest. We ask and trust that Pachamama, the energy and your sweet, intelligent body provide everything you need during our time together. 

I look forward to meeting you!

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“That which is most essential is invisible to the eye.”

- St. Exupery