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Creating Beyond Family

What can you choose to live beyond the insanity of this reality?

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Truly Living As Interesting Point of View

“If you truly choose to be interesting point of view, the vast majority of every situation in your life will show up with ease.” –Dr. Dain Heer

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Ease is So Hard

There’s only one thing in your life that should be hard … and it’s not ease. Are you asking for more ease right now?

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Lies, Lines and Manipulations

What would be possible if you stopped judging and started to use these tools with total awareness? What change could you create in the world?

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Desperately Seeking Average

If you’re willing to be different you can have multiple possibilities.
If you’re not willing to be different then you can only have the same possibility that everybody else gets to have

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Living The Future

What possibilities are available to us that we have not yet considered? What future is available that we can now choose?

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Undefinable Unconfinable

What are you not being and choosing that could create everything you truly desire?

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Engage the Miraculous

What if miracles are the everyday experiences of those who actually choose to create?

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Undesired Truth

When you’re truly willing to look at what is — everything can change.

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